Guest Update September 2020


A very full house! A little chaos does not get in the way of progress. New guest just moved in with 2 children, another guest raised her credit score and a third guest was able to increase her work hours to focus on saving for an apartment. Goals in motion.

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HOMe Guest Celebrates New Job


Congratulations are in order for a HOMe guest who recently secured a new full-time position with benefits! She put her job hunting skills to work and they paid off. This guest also opened a bank account so she can begin saving for her future. Way to go!

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Thank You, Joy Circle!


This was a move out gifts for our guest from the ladies of Williamson Chapel Church, Joy Circle. HOMe has 2 guest that are in the process of moving out of our home and into their own. We appreciate the continued support from the women of Joy Circle, they are setting our guest up for

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Christmas at HOMe


Our Elf on the shelves name is Dottie. The kids love her and can’t wait to see her each morning and find our what she was up to at night while they were sleeping. Nativity scene-  At the HOMe house we want everyone to remember the meaning of Christmas, The birth of Jesus. We

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Guest Update as of 4/20/18


We recently had one of our moms and her two children find employment and housing. They have moved out and left her mentors and Keona (Program Director) feeling very proud. This guest had many obstacles to overcome and after much hard work and support from her team, she was able to improve by: creating a

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